Starting at $150 Home Call for Greater Sydney Areas only, please email us at for a Quote

*Price is based on the size of the area being cleansed


- Up to 1 hour space cleansing with sage or sage spray

- 4 Tumbled Crystals intuitively chosen that will best suit your needs and energy you wish to bring into the home

- 1 sage wand for you to continue your cleansing in future


         Whether it is your home, office or other area needing clearing, we can take care of your needs.   


 What is Smudging?

Smudging is the method of cleansing and clearing of stagnant energy that has built up in your home/office/work place. These energies can collect during times of high stress and or if any other unpleasant experiences that have happened in that space. Including if there have been arguments, someone has been ill, if you have had visitors etc.

Anyone that has entered the space can unknowingly and unintentionally bring with them these energies as well from encounters they have had outside the home.

Sometimes, items that are brought into the home such as antiques or items that are second hand and have been used /owned by other people can have these negative or stagnant energy signatures attached to them. 


How is Smudging performed?

Smudging is most commonly done using dried Sage, sometimes herbs and flowers can be used or Palo Santo. The Sage is either in the form of a bound wand, or loose leaves and is lit and allowed to smoulder in a fireproof container. When Smudging for clients we only use a fireproof container. With a window in each room open, the smoke from the smouldering Sage is then wafted into all of the corners of each room, while a cleansing prayer is recited. This allows the Sage smoke to take with it any stagnant energy in the space out the window. Once the smoke has cleared out completely, the windows are closed again. 

*The added benefits of using Sage smoke is that it has been proven to also clear the air of bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores and other potential allergens. 


What if I don’t like the idea of smoke?

I am also able to use a Sage infused Water Mist to achieve the same outcome. The Mist is spritzed into the corners of each room, allowing it to dissipate the stagnant energy with its high vibration. 



Increasing your sense of well-being and improving mental focus

Smudging removes the debilitating effects of excess positive ions in the air in a way that’s been described as a natural antidepressant. It also improves intuition and eases stress, anxiety and negative energy you are holding onto.


Clearing negative energy. 

By burning sage in your home, you are releasing negative and stagnant energy. The smoke helps to change the molecular structure of both the air and energy, which produces a cleansing effect.  Smudging is very effective for combating feels of anger, fear, anxiety, grief and depression.


Clearing the air.

In addition to bacteria, smudging can help clear the air of pollen, pet dander, dust, mould spores and other potential allergens to improve allergy symptoms as well as helps to repel insects.


Cleansing objects. 

Not only can smudging cleanse a room, but it can cleanse objects. It Cleanses and charges your crystals. Whenever you bring a new object into your home, especially something like an antique that’s likely to have been exposed to negative energy over the years, you can use a smudge stick, allowing the smoke to pass over the item to help clear it so that it doesn’t affect you or your environment.


Relaxing effects. 

Smudging can offer calming, relaxing effects that are known to help lower blood pressure, relieve stress and tension and normalise breathing rates, as the negative ions produced are absorbed directly into your bloodstream – they may even help to fight off damaging free radicals that can lead to premature ageing and disease. Reciting affirmations of positivity and love whilst saging will help manifest them into reality


Increased energy

Negative ions produced also help to normalize serotonin (that well-known feel-good hormone), in the brain, which can help boost one’s mood, improve focus and create a more positive outlook.


Improved sleep. 

It boosts your mood and sleep quality, also has positive effects on regulating serotonin production.