Welcome to Moonstone Energy!

Your Personalised Healing Studio

Balancing, Harmonising & Restoring Your Body, Mind & Soul

Hi I’m Courtney,

I am a professional Spiritual Energy Healer. I work holistically to ensure each modality offered is customised to your individual needs.

I began my spiritual journey as a child seeing spirit and have always had a ‘knowing’. I was 23 when I began opening up my gifts and began developing my psychic-medium abilities and branched out into Oracle and Tarot Readings.

Over the last 10 years, I have pursued further development in Crystal Healing, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Psychic Mediumship and that is how Moonstone Energy was birthed!

I hold space and honour all that walk through my doors. No two treatments are the same. As a Mystic Healer & Spiritual Motivator I often receive messages from the divine whether that be Spirit, Guides and Angels whilst we are in session which I can share with you to help you on your journey. I am guided by Spirit to serve and help others and I weave this gift into my treatments.

My Sacred Healing Space is located in Gledswood Hills NSW, and also available online. Bookings are by appointment only. Your entire appointment can be customised for you, whether you would like several treatments per session or want to focus on one healing modality such as Reiki - I tailor each session to your own personal needs.